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This site is for new and old miniature Gamers using the Master Rules for Wargaming Piquet. Piquet is published by Piquet Inc. and © by Robert W. Jones.

The Official PK Gamers Site is dedicated to helping PK Gamers get in touch with each other; stay informed of new developments and to share ideas.  This site is quickly becoming the rally point of a world wide gaming club.  Never before has a more diverse group of gamers come together under one rule set to discuss and share idea's concerning miniature wargaming.

The Official PK Gamers Site uses several ways to do all of the above.  There are FAQ's for concerning each of the different PK supplements available.  There is a Battle and Campaign  Report Archive where PK Gamers share the games they have played. There is a detailed listing of changes in Piquet II, the newest version of the Master Rules for Wargaming.  I'm planning on sponsoring an internet scenario/house rule/new card contest in the near future.  I recommend that all PK Gamers to subscribe to the Piquet mail list today; this where you can get all your questions answered and share in the newest ideas for the Piquet game system.  The Piquet Heretics home page is for the PK Gamer who really likes to get out of the box.  To find out what's going on with Piquet in Australian check out the Piquet Stockade is a terrific web site PK'ers everywhere.  There is even an official "Piquet Gamers Song," check it out today!

To help support The Official PK Gamers Site Order all of your Military History Books from the Official PK Book List and review page.  If you don't see the book you need or have a book review to add email the Webmaster today.

The PK Gamers Quiz will change on a monthly basis, so bookmark this page now.  If you have an idea for a future quiz please send it to the Webmaster.  Thanks and have fun!

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