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The Official Piquet (PK)Gamers Site Battle Reports Page.

This page for the archiving of Piquet battle reports and is a member page to the Official PK Gamers Site. Piquet is published by Piquet Inc. and © by Robert W. Jones.

PK Gamers are requested to send copies of their battles reports to the PK Gamers Webmaster, please include the date the battle was played along with a list of players.  Plus if available send any pictures, maps etc ..

The following periods are covered by the PK Battle Report Archive.  Please note that only the last five Battle Reports stored in the archive per period are listed on this page.  For the complete listing of available Battles for your period of interest go to the main archive page for that period.

First Time Battles:

First Time Battle #1 10/19/98 © by Jerry Webster

Battle Reports:

Ancients to Feudal (3000 BC - 1200 AD)
AZTEC CIVIL WAR 06/03/98 © by Eric Burgess
Plataea 07/28/98 © by Patrick Velas
Mantinea Battle Report 08/12/98 © by Patrick Velas
Medieval (1200 AD - 1600 AD)
Anita Hill 05/29/98 © by Kenneth Baggaley
The Battle of Ghamershrelm 06/22/98 © by Kenneth Baggaley
The Battle of Piccaetto 07/28/98 © by Kenneth Baggaley
TYW - ECW (1600 AD - 1695 AD)
Marlborough, SYW & AWI (1695 - 1790)
SYW Monster Battle Play Test 07/09/98 © by Eric Burgess
Battle of Poznana (A historical SWY Campaign Battle) 09/25/99 © by Eric Burgess
Napoleonic (1790 AD - 1820 AD)
Chef de PK at Origins 98 07/05/98 © by Jim Getz
French 1814 Meeting Engagement 07/26/98 © by Andy O'Finkel
Hoyerswerda Battle Report 08/07/98 © by Tim Whitley
Bad Sausagehausen 1809 09/26/99 © by Tony Stapells
Grosse Adlerwurst 1809 09/26/99 © by Tony Stapells
Mexican American & Crimea ( 1820 AD - 1860 AD)
ACW & FPW (1860 AD - 1871 AD)
Quickie 1870 Prussian vs. French 07/10/98 © by Brent Oman
Rear Guard action before Queretaro 08/06/98 © by Eric Burgess
Colonial (1850 AD - 1914 AD)
Battle of Little Big Horn 05/17/98 © by Bob Minadeo
RUDI VALLEY FIELD FORCE 08/02/98 © by Fred Avner
W.W. I (1914 AD - 1936 AD)
W.W. II (1936 AD - 1952 AD)
PoA - Belgium 1940 07/19/98 © by Paul Hummerston

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