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The Official Piquet (PK) Gamers Site House Rules Page.

This page is for Piquet House Rules and is a member page to the Official PK Gamers Site.   Piquet is published by Piquet Inc. and © by Robert W. Jones.

PK Gamers are requested to send their house rules the PK Gamers Webmaster.

The following is the table of contents for the Piquet House Rules page.  The rules have been grouped by Core Rules and Supplement Rules.

Piquet Master Rules for Wargaming - Core Rules POC: Open
Archon - Ancients to Feudal (3000 BC - 1200 AD) POC: Scott Karakas
Band of Brothers - Medieval (1200 AD - 1600 AD) POC: Peter Anderson
Anchor Of Faith - TYW - ECW (1600 AD - 1695 AD) POC: Chris Abbey
Cartouche - Marlborough, SYW & AWI (1695 - 1790) POC: Open
Les Grognards - Napoleonic (1790 AD - 1820 AD) POC: Ian Marsh
Cap & Ball - Mexican American & Crimea ( 1820 AD - 1860 AD) POC: Open
Hallowed Ground - ACW & FPW (1860 AD - 1871 AD) POC: Open
The Din Of Battle - Colonial (1850 AD - 1914 AD) POC: Open
Barrage - W.W. I (1914 AD - 1936 AD) POC: Eric Burgess
Point Of Attack - W.W. II (1936 AD - 1952 AD) POC: Open
Great Unfought War
Vauban - Siege (All Periods) POC: Open
Scramasax (Fantasy) POC: Open

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