Most Lopsided Battles
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Your Most Lopsided Battle?

This home page is for the new and old miniature gamers using the Master Rules for Wargaming Piquet. Piquet is published by Piquet Inc. and © 1995 by Robert W. Jones.

Les Grognards Piquet Napoleonic Supplement

    Fought a PK - Les Grognards scenario last night (Eric Burgess June 3, 1998 Ed.). Republican French vs. Royalist French. I think I have won the most lopsided victory in the history of PK. Have you ever end a game of PK and thought, "Now, I've seen it all"!

    My Royalist were able to defeat the Republicans with three units. My artillery battery (8# gun) destroyed six stands of infantry at long range (two shots with bounce through.) My only two cavalry units were able to roll-up the exposed flank of the Republican army in melee. Routing 4 units, and destroying half the men in those units.

    I lost no stands, no morale chips, none of my infantry fired, and none of the Republicans fired a shot! The Republicans won about 70% of the impetus and they were poised to make there assault, when I got enough impetus and the correct sequence deck cards to send them packing. I was able to turn three Cavalry in Open cards in a row!!! What are the odds of that? My cavalry happened to be where the Republican battle line had no flank protection and the rest was history. In five minutes my cavalry had dashed the hopes of the Republican cause. I think the Republican general was recalled to Paris to talk with Madame Guillotine.

    "Vive l' Roi!"

    And before Andy (Andy Finkel PK Mail list Ed.) and the rest of you jump on my case, we were using the melee rules as written. (i.e. - no upshifts) It was anti-climatic and left everybody just saying "Wow!" The best part about this is that in no other rules could this ever happen! This is the battles where legends are made. These two Royalist cavalry units have won the last two battles practically on their own. The previous battle was at a Diplomacy convention and my friend ran a PK game. The Royalist cavalry charged in line against loaded Republican infantry. The infantry must have panic, because they inflicted zero casualties and the Royalist cavalry ran them over routing the entire brigade!!! My friend said if they keep this up they will have to be retired on full pension.

- Eric Burgess

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