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The Piquet Mail List

Please use this page to subscribe to the Piquet Mail List. Piquet is published by Piquet Inc. and © by Robert W. Jones.

To subscribe to the Piquet Mail List send email to Piquet Mail List in the first line of the message body type: Subscribe pkmailer [your email address] [your name]

Piquet Mail List History and General Information:

The PKMailer had its inception in a manual e-mail loop founded by Eric Burgess in the spring of 1997.  By late spring the loop had swollen to over 30 members, and it became too unwieldy.  The PKMailer was opened as an automated mailing list in May, 1977.  It is hosted by Intelligence Network Online (IntNet), and is funded by the list owner -- Cris Brown -- underwritten in part by Piquet, Inc.  Neither Piquet, Inc., nor any of its officers take any role in establishing list policy.  Apart from official product announcements by Piquet, Inc., the views and opinions expressed on this list are those of the members, and do not reflect the corporate policy of Piquet, Inc. or its officers.

This is an open subscription list, which means that anyone who wishes may subscribe automatically.  At the time of this writing (August 1999) we have over 250 members.   The PKMailer is a closed posting list, which means you must be a member to post.   Non-members who attempt to post to the list receive an error message with subscription information.

This is an archived list.  For information on how to use the archives, send a message to the list processor with the word help in the body of the message.

The list processor will respond with an e-mail which lists most of the common listproc commands, including the most common archive commands, along with instructions for how to use them.  Members should be aware that the list processor handles commands on a space-available basis, so responses are sometimes delayed for a few minutes.

The Pkmailer Mission

The PKMailer is a resource for PK players, a place to solicit and share information about the PK system, as well as other aspects of the hobby (figures, terrain, etc.).   So far as I know, the entire PK design team is accessible through the PKMailer.   While the designers often respond to questions and comments, our unofficial policy has been not to offer "official interpretations."  We'll tell you how we play it, but you're welcome to try another way if it better suits your reading of history, or simply your tastes in gaming.

The PKMailer is also a social forum.  We often chat about other hobbies and interests and our lives in general.  These "tangential" threads are important to the culture of the PKMailer.  They rarely last long, and I make no attempt whatever to intervene in or limit them.  Many of us feel that meeting people is a central goal in this hobby, and I for one think a friendly, relaxed atmosphere yields better discussions.  If the "off-topic" posts don't interest you, feel free to delete them unread ... but please DO NOT attempt to stifle them.  They're part of who we are here.

The PKMailer is also a bunker, of a sort.  The PK system has begun to carve its niche in the hobby, but there are still many gamers who look upon PK as a red-headed stepchild, or worse.  "Dumbing down the hobby," "crass commercialism," "Wargaming For Dummies," these charges and many others have been hurled at Piquet.  And those of us who were here from the beginning can well remember when it was far worse.  So yes, this is our bunker, a place where we can frame our comments with the expectation that the person on the reader thinks PK is a worthwhile or, at the very least, intriguing system. If you want to argue about whether PK should be driven from the hobby, do it somewhere else.

General List Etiquette

This has (almost) always been an exceptionally civil, courteous, and respectful forum. We welcome disagreement, and even dissent.  But when a post lights your fuse, please try to focus on and limit your comments to the issue at hand, and not the motives, morality, or intelligence of the other correspondents.

This is a very bright list.  We have subscribers whose expertise ranges from aesthetics to zoology, and most of what's in between.  If you have a question, someone here can probably either provide an answer, or tell you where to look. Feel free to tap into that expertise, and to share yours as well.

This is not an adverstising forum. No advertisements are permitted, except for official Piquet, Inc. product announcements.  There's enough spam on the Net; let's not have it here.  On the other hand, if you've run across a miniatures-related product that works for you, or you're looking for information about a miniatures-related product, please feel free to share, or ask.

Finally, there are a number of printed and online sources which deal with Netiquette.   If you've never read one, please try to find one and give it a look.  The general rules of Netiquette apply on almost every newsgroup, mailing list, or chat forum you'll encounter.  As my beloved puts it, "Courtesy is the grease in the wheels of social interaction."

Points Worth Noting

We all assume a lot in day-to-day life.  Assumptions are often useful, but they can be dangerous.  And in an online forum where information is limited, they can be especially dangerous.  Some assumptions to avoid:

WE'RE ALL BOYS HERE -- There are at least two women on the list, including your list owner.  This is what my parents' generation referred to as "mixed company."  Try to avoid sex-specific language (e.g.: "What a great bunch of guys!") when referring to the subscribers as a group.  And of course, sexist comments are likely to offend not only the women, but many men as well.

GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. -- The PKMailer has members from all over the world. Yes, Piquet, Inc. was born in the U.S., and the lion's share of its market (and the listmembers) are Americans.  But not all.  And that means sometimes taking an extra moment or two to ask yourself whether a person meant to say this or that, or you're misreading a colloquialism from another country.

POLITICS & RELIGION -- This once went without saying, but these are very touchy issues.  Yes, politics and religion sometimes arise on the PKMailer. We discuss the history of war, and politics and religion are often important elements of the context and manner in which a war was fought if politics or religion are introduced and handled in terms of their historical import, that's cool.  If it turns personal, take it to private e-mail.

WE JUST DON'T CLIQUE -- Yes, the PKMailer is cliquish. Truth is, almost every longstanding group is cliquish.  The difference is, we're an open clique.  You can join.  Introduce yourself.  Ask questions and offer answers to questions asked.  You'll find that while we've a very clubby atmosphere here, you're welcome to join the club.

I hope this helps you get to know the PKMailer better.  Hang around and you'll find at least one person who will disagree with almost every word I've written here. And that's fine. Somehow, it works.


Cris Brown
List Owner, PKMailer

To subscribe to the Piquet Mail List send email to Piquet Mail List in the first line of the message body type: Subscribe pkmailer [your email address] [your name]

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