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Your Most Lopsided Battle?

This home page is for the new and old miniature gamers using the Master Rules for Wargaming Piquet. Piquet is published by Piquet Inc. and © 1995 by Robert W. Jones.

09/02/1999 What is the most amazing or heroic action you have seen any unit acheive during a PK game?

Here is one to get you started. This happened in a PK game of the Vendee Revolt (France 1790's). The battle was the Republican French vs the Royalist French.

The best part of the fight was when a Royalist Peasant unit in Attack Column attacked a French Republican Line unit in the woods. The peasant unit, armed with pitch forks, scythes, hatchets, etc., was able to withstand *two* point blank musket volleys from the line unit without taking casualties. A melee resolution card was played by the Royalist player. The peasants routed the French line unit! The peasants had a melee value of D4, but where charging down hill. Just behind the French Line unit was an unlimbered 12# gun battery!!!!! Seeing their compatriots routing the 12# gun fired two canister loads into the oncoming peasant unit. The first volley caused a stand lose to the peasants, but they managed to pass their morale! The second volley cause no discernable damage to the valient peasants. Continuing forward the peasants slammed into the battery and turned another melee resolution card! The 12# guns were routed! After that we decided that the peasant's status was raised to Imperial Guard Peasant Battalion!!!!

Can't wait to hear all the stories!

Eric Burgess

09/02/1999 I have two heroic actions to talk about. Both occurred in Les Grognards games.

The first was a battle between French and British. Two French attack columns were attacking a British brigade in class III woods. The British battalions were lined up one behind another in the woods. There were a total of 4 British battalions skulking in the woods. The valiant French battalions slammed into the first British troops and got the melee resolution card before the hapless Brits could reload and promptly routed them. Then an amazing streak of good fortune followed. The French got a move in difficult terrain card followed by a melee resolution card. Net result was another routed British battalion. This order of cards happend two more times before the British were finally able to bring some musket fire on the maurading French. In the end, the toll was 4 routed or destroyed British battalions and the British army was reeling from the loss of morale chips.

The second event is even more amazing. This time the French are up against the Russians. The French are pounding the Russian right flank with a cuirassier brigade and infantry. The Russians are barely hanging on with an infantry brigade and light cavalry brigade. The battle is being decided on this flank. The Russian commander realizes this and sends his two regiments of cuirassier to save his flank and try to avert disaster. The only problem is that the heavies must cross the battlefield in front of two French artillery batteries (one of which is firing 12# shells). Its a suicide mission for the hapless Russians but they would do anything for the Tzar. As the horseman start the ride to death the batteries begin to open up on their flanks. Two batteries at close range fire on the lead regiment (both batteries were firing a d12+). When the smoke had cleared the cuirassier were intact and had sustained no casualties (both batteries had rolled low). It isn't over yet though as the French get the artillery reload card before the other cuirassier regiment can move. Again, the French batteries belch fire and smoke. Again, the Russians laugh in the face of the dumbfounded artillerists for no casualties were caused. The Russians get the necessary cavalry move cards and slam into the flanks of the French heavy cavalry saving the flank and winning the battle for the Russians. Truly, the gods of war had smiled on them that day. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Regards, Chuck Lemons

09/02/1999 I'll throw one from a recent Hallowed Grounds ACW game. A Rebel brigade is moving forward on some hapless Bluebellie infantry. One Yankee regiment is caught in a bad way with one Rebel regiment to it's front, one on it's flank. The Yankees open up on the Rebel regiment in front and decimate it, a three stand loss on a three stand unit.

The Rebel regiment on the flank decides it's time for revenge. They open fire at short range with their first shot of the game, a 12+2 for fire. No effect. They reload and shoot again with a 12+1. No effect. After reloading yet again, they move to contact and fire once more with a 12+2. No effect. "Time for the cold steel, boys", the Rebel commander shouts. 12+1 versus a 6. Yankees win and turn to face the Rebels. With a unit in disorder, the Rebels try once more with a 10 versus a 6. Yankees disorder the Rebels with no stand loss. Stalemate. Yankees are forced to resolve this melee and actually lose, but with no stand loss. Routing away from the melee, the quickly rally, and take there place back in line.

I guess those Yankees weren't so hapless afterall.

Jeff Kayati

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