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The Official Piquet (PK)Gamers Site Reviews Page.

This page for Reviews and Links to Reviews of Piquet Game System and is a member page to the Official PK Gamers Site. Piquet is published by Piquet Inc. and © by Robert W. Jones.

PK Gamers are requested to send copies of reviews and links to the PK Gamers Webmaster.

Links to Reviews of the Piquet Game System:

Scott L. Karakas, has written a fairly detailed review of the Archon ancients supplement, which includes a description of the main features of Piquet, for the Society of Ancients website.  Scott has also written a number of house rules for the Archon supplement.
A couple of years passed, and through a strange set of circumstances, I found myself urging a friend of mine to dust off those "Piquet" rules he'd bought (and never opened) to use them with his new brigade of Austrian Napoleonic troops.     We did...and we never looked back. For Tony Stapells complete review of Piquet click here.
This rules system is intended to provide a "new and refreshing approach to gaming." The Core Rules can be combined with any of a wide variety of historical supplements in order to provide a complete game for almost any historical period.  For The Miniatures Page review click here.

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