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The Official Piquet (PK) Song Page

This is the Official Piquet Song written by Patrick McGuire and is a member page to the Official PK Gamers Site..   Piquet is published by Piquet Inc. and © by Robert W. Jones.

The Bob Jones Piqueteers

by Patrick McGuire

He went down to his den with his little lead men, And he found it so annoying, To wade through rules from the boring school, Of game design that frowns on all enjoying, He sat down that night and began to write, Some wargame rules to knock us on our ears, And so began the zealous acolyte band, Called The Bob Jones Piqueteers

Well you've got your pips and you've got your chips, And a sequence deck of multipurpose cards, Your army rolled up fine but your leader's a swine, Because war, like life, is often very hard, There's a twenty on the clock and you jump out of your jock, With a 19 roll while your opponent sneers, And then with dead aplomb you draw an indecision bomb, Now you're a Bob Jones Piqueteer

Now the acolytes are a breed unlike, Any other gamers in the hotel's lobby, Critics say they're drones, programmed by Bob Jones, To try to seize control of this whole hobby, Take with a grain of salt how they do exalt, Their panjandrum and his PK over beers, Still they look so sure, I think I'll take the cure, And join the Bob Jones Piqueteers

So you turn a card and you swallow hard, And you pray your 12 pound smoothbores are reloading, While the rebels yell as they come like hell, Cross the table and you stare with grim foreboding, But an Heroic Mo and a D10 throw, Blows the enemy away, amid the cheers, Of that merry group that's so full of poop,The Bob Jones Piqueteers

On PK's listserve you may strike a nerve, If you venture an opinion, so beware, You'll get more replies than a hussar draws flies, With your theories about cavalry on square, You'll find heretics and Haiku lunatics, Some Aussies and some Limey mutineers, And a scold or two but then what can you do, They're the Bob Jones Piqueteers

So come all you brave young gamers bold, With your armies large or tiny,  If its fun you seek you should take a peek, At a game that's sure to knock you on your heinie, From the Trojan Wars to the Panzer Corps, You can even try the War of Jenkins Ear, And once you've played your cards you can join the guards, Known as the Bob Jones Piqueteers

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