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The Official Piquet (PK) Gamers What's New Page

This page is for announcements concerning What's New on The Official PK Gamers site.   For News concerning Piquet Check out the Piquet News Page.  This page is a member page to the Official PK Gamers Site.  Piquet is published by Piquet Inc. and © by Robert W. Jones.

November 8, 1999: I added the weekly PK Gamers Quiz on the Home page for the Official PK Gamers site.  The PK Gamers Quiz will change on a weekly basis, so bookmark the Home page now.  If you have an idea for a future quiz please send it to the Webmaster today.  After twenty-nine months the PKMailer has moved, to Join go the the PKMailer information page at http://www.piquet.org/pkmaillist.htm for more information.
October 24, 1999:  I added the following House Rules: Rules for gaming 1796 in Italy.  I added the following Battle Reports: Goulizecourt-en-Oaieur, 1918; The Tirah Valley, 1897. I updated the Links page.  Check out the updates to the Piquet Inc. site, new releases for Fall-In '99.
October 2, 1999:  I added the Gradien Sea Campaign, a By Other Means (BOM) playtest to the campaign page.   The Gradien Sea: Battle Report, Gambog was add to the Battle Report Archive.
September 30, 1999:  Today I updated the Links page by adding links to HMGS West along with the clubs associated with this chapter.   The Piquet Stores page has been updated to include Carlsbad Game Cove. Lastly I updated the Piquet Book List with reviews of "A close run thing" by Alan Mallinson and "The Sunne in Splendour" by Sharon Penman.
September 26, 1999:  I made changes to the main page to allow for growth of the site. I added a page with reviews and links to reviews of the Piquet Game System. I updated the following pages: Battle Report Archive (Added links to the Napoleonic (1790 AD - 1820 AD) Battles of Bad Sausagehausen and Grosse Adlerwurst); Book List (Added Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae); Piquet Core House Rules (Added links to Surprise Attacks and Variable Terrain, and Levy Apprehensive); FQA for Piquet II, and Archon, Links.

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